Inactive? No?

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Woah, its been almost a month I din’t get my blog updated. That’s no good. Hah. I need to do something and I’ve figured out this, all these while more than 60% of my blog posts are with pictures, which means preferably I love photo sharing more than ordinary information sharing. True enough? Well definitely I don’t leave this blog abandoned it is still pretty kicking, yet alive ! What I planned was I wanted to separate my content sharing to two blogs ! One strictly for photo sharing (which I will find another blogging tool eg Tumblr) and another one which is my current WordPress profile for most of the ordinary live updates / information sharing purposes. Too complicated? Well I’m kinda a photo enthusiast and I wish to put more effort to build a better space to share my photos and stories :p Well that’s enough for today, its 24th, Sunday 9:24pm. Happy weekends.

  1. iDragon says:

    It’s almost one and half of the month you have not update on here..

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